Geography is concerned with the physical and human characteristics that make the regions of our world distinctive. To critically and spatially understand the world we live in requires us to study the complex dynamics between the Earth’s physical environments and human activity such as culture, economics, political activities, and more. Throughout this eTextbook, each chapter will discuss each major world region in detail, placing particular emphasis on their physical and environmental environments, along with their cultural and societal structures.

We will look at the dynamic interplay of these physical and cultural environments at the regional scale of the world rather than thematically as a whole. Regions will be discussed within a global framework in the hope that you will gain a better comprehension of how the world is being defined and redefined. Also, we will study critical global issues such as international conflict and cooperation, environmental degradation, population growth, and globalization. The concepts presented in World Regional Geography will build upon one another as you progress through the course.  Supplemental readings and online video lectures will be integrated throughout each chapter, as well.

Dedicated to my amazing spouse, Kati Lewis.


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